How to obtain Russian visa?

Step 1. Check whether you need a visa to enter Russia. For more information click here.

Step 2. Check whether you have a valid passport.

To get a visa you need a passport (you cannot use ID-card) which is valid for more than 6 months after the intended trip to Russia. If you do not have a passport, you need to apply for it at a verified organization in your country.
Important to remember: to get the visa you need to provide or send with courier the ORIGINAL PASSPORT. A copy is not accepted as the visa is placed on one of the pages of the passport.

Step 3. Choose the type of the visa

To participate in the championship we recommend to apply for the following types of visas:

  • Tourist Visa can be a single-entry or double-entry visa valid up to 30 days. To obtain it it is not required to have an invitation from Russian Go Federation.
  • Humanitarian Visa can be obtained by participants of sport or cultural events and members of scientific organizations. Humanitarian visas can be single-entry or double-entry valid up to 3 months or multi-entry – valid up to one year. Humanitarian visa does not require a consulate fee. To obtain a humanitarian visa you need an invitation from the organization of the event that you plan to attend.

Step 4. Receive an invitation from Russian Go Federation if you are going to apply for humanitarian visa.

Step 5. Prepare the following documents:

  • original of the passport;
  • filled application (you can find application form here);
  • two photographs 3.5 x 4.5 cm (black & white or multicolor) with a clear image of the full face without glasses with dark lenses and without headwear;
  • tourist voucher (to apply for a tourist visa);
  • invitation from Russian Go Federation (to apply for a humanitarian visa).

Certain applicants may require additional documents such as bank statements or flight booking confirmation. You can check the documents list  in the Russian Embassy.

Step 6. Submit these documents to obtain a visa in visa center or consulate of Russian Federation in your country.